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UXtweak is a powerful UX research platform offering tools for improving usability of websites and mobile apps, from prototypes to production.

Via the UXtweak extension, you can provide the web owners with useful insights on how you interact with their websites.

These insights can then be used to make the website better and easier to use for you! ---------------------------------------------------------- What is website usability testing? Website usability testing is a method for evaluating how intuitive and easy to use a website is for its users, by collecting data on how they solve tasks and interact with the website during an online test.

Users are notified about the nature of all collected data, and are asked to give explicit consent prior to entering the study.

---------------------------------------------------------- How to use the extension? 1. Install the extension into your web browser.

2. Visit the address of the Website Testing study provided by the study conductor.

3. The extension will record your interaction with the website (in the form of raw interaction data, e.


clicks, scrolls, and mouse movements).

---------------------------------------------------------- Which data is being collected? UXtweak's Chrome extension collects data ONLY on the tested website.

Based on the study settings, and the level of consent the user has given, UXtweak can collect the following data: ⦁ User's interaction data from the tested website (mouse and/or keyboard events, such as the cursor's location on the screen) ⦁ Metadata regarding the browser, operating system, device, and approximate location ⦁ IP address (special consent required for EU residents) - optional ⦁ User's identification on the UXtweak platform (special consent required for EU residents) - optional ⦁ Form inputs, such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers (special consent required for EU residents) - optional ⦁ Audio recording (special consent required) - optional UXtweak takes users' privacy very seriously and is fully compliant with the GDPR.

For more information, please visit the related section on the UXtweak's website here: https://www.


com/legal/gdpr-compliance ---------------------------------------------------------- Which permissions does the extension ask for? ⦁ Storage permission - to store data about the study the user is currently participating in.

⦁ Tabs permission - to determine whether the user is currently viewing the tab with the study, and to be able to collect the data as well as display the Website Testing Task panel on the website being tested.

⦁ Scripting permission - to inject the recording code snippet into the website being tested.

⦁ Host permission – to allow a website to be tested as part of a Website Testing study (as the extension cannot determine in advance which site is going to be tested).

---------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: • 1.1.1 – Prevent injection of content script to frames multiple times • 1.1.0 – Support for recording of iframes added dynamically • 1.0.2 – Support for recording of cross-origin iframes • 1.0.1 – Update meta description • 1.0.0 – First public release

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