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Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator in Chrome with OffiDocs

Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium



This extension generates a new BTC address for you to use as a paper wallet.

Features: 1. Generate a random seed using the native method (crypto.

getRandomValues) 2. Improves the randomness using your browser metadata 3. Supports increasing the randomness by altering values with the mouse movements 4. Displays the statistic of how the generated keys are random 5. Uses a clean code without any external dependencies 6. Exports the generated key without the need to copy the content to the clipboard 7. Has a clean code hosted on GitHub so that anybody can review (the source code is much smaller than other similar tools so it can be reviewed easily) 8. Uses a very strict content security policy (CSP) to prevent any internet access 9. Can be launched on an incognito window to improve privacy 10. Has a built-in tool to check if the page has internet access or not 11. You can import any WIF private key either compressed or uncompressed ones to verify their checksum and reconstruct the seed associated with them.

12. Supports BASE58 (P2PKH) and BECH32 (P2WPKH) - Native SegWit formats Privacy Policy: This extension does not have any permission and has no internet access whatsoever.

Note: 1. Use the extension at your own risk.

I am not responsible if things do not work.

2. This tool can only generate BTC addresses.

Do not use it for other altcoins.

FAQs: 1. Why do I need a new paper wallet generator? I needed an open-source project with a minimum possible code so that I could simply verify it.

There was none! 2. How can I verify the codes that are generated with this extension? To verify that this tool works on your machine, generate a few keys and verify them on other tools.

Almost all wallets accept importing private keys.

I would recommend generating at least 10 dummy keys and verifying all of them before generating your real key.

Verification consists of two parts: 1. the private WIF key has a valid checksum (so that it can be imported).

2. the private key results in the same public key that this extension displays.

If you find this tool useful, please consider supporting the project; 1FeMpnM9jpkRAGiwuWxytmYCo65pwqZGRj

Additional Information:

- Offered by chandler.stimson
- Average rating : 0 stars (hated it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet Generator web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online

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