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Metam - For all your aviation weather needs FAQ: http://goo.

gl/VAMzij ChromeOS users: Map Zoom: Double-click and hold down on second click, then slide up/down to zoom out/in.

Donations (in menu): Currently crashes app when selected, do not click! Metam is everything you've wanted for your global aviation weather needs and more: 1. At its core, you create lists of airports important to you, either individual, or along a flight path.

Display their METARs in parsed or raw format, access color highlighted TAFs quickly, cryptic Snowtams are decoded for you into plain language, access NOTAMs and forecasts efficiently.

2. Metam offers a side menu full of aviation weather charts and imagery.

Current observations, forecasts, flight level winds and temperatures, satellite, radar, operations and more.

3. You can now overlay global METAR, SIGMET, G-AIRMET and CWA data onto maps.

Also radar/precipitation or IR satellite.

Also, you can now enter custom ceiling and visibility minimums to quickly see airports that meet your personal or company visibility/ceiling requirements.

Tap on any airport or overlay to get the full METAR/TAF/TEXT for that airport/overlay.

Metam is and will remain 100% ad free and uses the minimum of permissions to get you what you need.

Weather charts included with Metam: UNITED STATES (most ADDS products): * Advisories: SIGMET and Oceanic SIGMET * Observations: Composite map, PIREP map, METAR map, Satellite, Radar * Forecasts: Surface Prognostic Charts, Upper Air charts (wind & temps), AIRMET charts, Graphical Turbulence Guidance ALASKA AVIATION UNIT: * Hourly observations, graphical forecasts, SigWX charts GLOBAL: * Observations: Static and animated satellite, regional satellite * Forecasts: European Surface, Europe SigWX/Upper Air, Canada/North Atlantic, Upper Air Wind/Temp, 24 hour SigWX OPS: * Products: US Airport& Airspace Status, Daily North Atlantic Tracks Graphics Why use Metam? * Airport input flexibility: Individual airport listings (NZCH WSSS EGLL) or flight path listing (KJFK-KSFO) Supports IATA: Use IATA code (LHR, JFK) if you prefer * Flight path input lists all airports along the great circle route within 10 NM of the flight path, supports multiple airport waypoints (airports only, no navaids) * Four different weather list formats: Formatted weather, METAR only, TAF only or METAR & TAF listings * Long-press on an airport for: Six hour METAR history, sunset/rise times, show nearby airports and more * Multiple cloud layer display: Metam shows up to three reported cloud layers * NOTAM: Cached for offline use, parsed effective times (Android 2.3 and up only) * Global airport database: Look up ICAO by airport name * Snowtam decoder: Snowtam codes in plain language * Widgets: Single airport with raw METAR or parsed.

* METAR & TAF Highlighting:Color codes raw METAR and TAF text * Displayed unit choices: User chooses * Ad Free: Metam will never include ads *Permissions* Precise location: nearby airports Read/modify/delete USB storage: Google Maps required Network access/view network connections: download data Read Google service: Google Maps required Google Play billing: In-app donation (optional) Metam User group: http://goo.


Additional Information:

- Offered by aeroperfapps
- Average rating : 4 stars (liked it)

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