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Run the Chrome online web store extension JW Daily Scripture using OffiDocs Chromium online.

A small extension that loads the Jehovah's Witnesses Daily Scripture from the JW Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY (http://wol.



This is NOT an official app.

The JW Daily Scripture extension is available in 41 languages.

More to be added! Please send your support emails and language/features requests to: nongeekboy@gmail.

com **Release Notes** v.

1.5.6 - 2022.02.23 - remove tab permission request v.

1.5.5 - 2017.05.02 bugfix: use https instead of http v.

1.5.4 - 2017.04.19 bugfix: text not loading due to a change in the css class names v1.5.2 - 2016.03.21 - display memorial text suggestion bugfix: content was not parsed correctly when text for memorial was present v1.5.0 - 2015.06.05 -simplified the design for better readability v1.4.0 - 29.04.2015 bugfix: in some languages, content is not loaded due to style rules changes in wol.


org v1.3.0 - 16.10.2014 JW Daily Scripture is now one year old! features: - font-size control other: - some small design changes - some code optimisation v1.2.1 - 03.06.2014 features: - added shortcut for Options page on the popup - added loading indicator Other: - removed the dynamic icon feature v1.1.0 - 07.01.2014 features: - option for toolbar icon with scripture - notification message "daily text not available yet" v1.0.0 - 29.10.2013 features: 20 new languages added v0.2.5 - 24.10.2013 -code refactoring Bug fixes: -increased the paragraph padding so that the text would not be cut off on margins -the icon is now visible (again) on the options page v0.2.4 - 17.10.2013 -new icons set (reproducing the "Daily Scripture" brochure cover) v0.2.3 - 17.10.2013 -minor style changes -new icon for Chrome Webstore v0.2.0 - 12.10.2013 - Daily scripture available in 21 languages -"Options" page with language selector Bug Fixes: -the English language is now set as default v0.1.2 - 11.10.2013 Bug Fixes: -"Daily Text" menu link functional v0.1.0 - 10.10.2013 -initial release

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- Offered by nongeekboy
- Average rating : 4.86 stars (loved it)
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JW Daily Scripture web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online