Khangman online educational game

khangman online educational game online

You can play this educational app Khangman Online designed for children and adults, teachers and students. Click in the following button to start the game and enjoy with our app: 



This Khangman is the KDE app with the same name so it inherits of all its features.


Khangman Online description:

KHangMan is the classical hangman game. The child should guess a word letter by letter. At each miss, the picture of a hangman appears. After 10 tries, if the word is not guessed, the game is over and the answer is displayed.

You can use the game to improve your vocabulary in other languages. The words are nouns and available in several languages at the moment including English US, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, British English, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Irish (Gaelic), Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmål), Dutch, Norwegian (Nynorsk), Occitan, Punjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, Serbian, Slovak, Swedish, Tajik, Turkish and Ukrainian. The program will detect which languages are present and enable them. You will also be able to easily download other languages via the Get New Stuff dialog (3 clicks and your data will be installed).

There are at least 4 categories per language: easy, medium, hard and animals which contains only animals nouns. 


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