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Claws Mail email client online

claws mail email client online

Our Claws Mail online (previously known as Sylpheed-Claws), a lightweight email client and news reader that is based on the GTK+ GUI toolkit. Click in the following button to use it: 



This is Claws Mail, a GTK+ based fast email and news client, and whose objectives are having quick response, advanced, easy configuration, and multiple features. 


- POP3 and IMAP4rev1 support.

- NetNews client integrated.

- Multiple account configuration and handling.

- Multiple folders support.

- Import / export mailboxes.

- Include integrations with external editors.

- Include message queueing.

- Provide integration with Address Book using XML or LDAP.

- Contact management and vCard support.

- Support APOP authentication.

- Support SMTP AUTH.

- GnuPG support.


Claws Mail is GPL. Further intructions can be found at


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