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OffiCalc iPhone and iPad excel xls editor with OpenOffice Calc

OffiCalc excel xls editor with OpenOffice Calc for iPhone and iPad

OffiCalc is an iPhone and iPad app to edit and create excel xls documents using the program OpenOffice Calc. It is available in the Apple iTunes Store: 

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OffiCalc is a spreadsheet app for iPhone and iPad to edit and create excel xls documents using the program OpenOffice Calc that runs in the OffiDocs platform. It uses the spreadsheetss in the OpenDocument format, but it also can handle Microsoft Excel spreadsheets formats XLS or XLSX, and export them to Portable Document Format (.pdf).

Main features:

  • Includes a navigator to find sheets, range names, database ranges, linked areas, graphics, OLE objects, comments, and drawing objects.
  • Includes tons of common functions to create formulas using words.
  • Allow to build macros.
  • Provides flexible cell formatting options:
    • Rotating contents,
    • Backgrounds,
    • Borders,
    • Align data within a cell,
    • Bold, italic, underlined data,
    • Change the color of a cell.
  • Values can be validated by providing a type of content: time, date, or decimal.
  • Allow that xls data can be sorted and filtered as well as positioned in a pivot table.
  • A sheet can be protected with a password.
  • Insert pictures, videos, sound files, charts, and special characters
  • Formats supported:
    • 1.x Spreadsheet (.sxc)
    • 1.x Spreadsheet Template (.stc)
    • Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP (.xls and .xlw)
    • Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP Template (.xlt)
    • Microsoft Excel 5.0 and 95 (.xls and .xlw)

OffiCalc also contains a file manager that provides the following functionality:

  • Home directory when you first load the file manager.
  • Operations with files: copy, move, create.
  • View the file properties: name, size, date.
  • Light and Elegant client UI.
  • Document preview support.

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