OffiXLS iPhone and iPad excel editor with LibreOffice

OffiXLS excel editor with LibreOffice for iPhone and iPad

OffiXLS is an iPhone and iPad app that provides an excel editor for Microsoft XLS. It uses LibreOffice online provided by OffiDocs, and it is available in the Apple iTunes Store: 

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OffiXLS is an app to edit XLS spreadsheets that you will be able to create, modify and share.

OffiXLS combines the functionality of a file manager with the open source office software for spreadsheets, LibreOffice.

It contains two main modules:

A) The XLS module, which provides the following functionality:

- Create spreadsheets.

- Edit spreadsheets files from OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Microsoft Excel.

- Cell styles management.

- Search for texts.

- Insert columns / rows.

- Delete rows / columns.

- Find & replace.

- Unique Spreadsheet functions like: · CURRENT · DDE · OPT_BARRIER · GOALSEEK ...

- Autosave

- Open Source.

- Spreadsheet formats supported are the OpenDocuments formats (.ods and .ots), but in addition to them OffiXLS can open the formats used by OOo 1.x (.sxc and .stc) and the following spreadsheet formats (see

· Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP (.xls, .xlw, and .xlt)

· Microsoft Excel 4.x–5.0/95 (.xls, .xlw, and .xlt)

· Microsoft Excel 2003 XML (.xml)

· Microsoft Excel 2007 XML (.xlsx, .xlsm and .xltm)

· Microsoft Excel 2007 binary (.xlsb)

· Lotus 1-2-3 (.wk1, .wks, and .123)

· StarCalc formats (.sdc and .vor)

· dBASE (.dbf)

· Unified Office Format spreadsheet (.uos, .uof)

· Pocket Excel (pxl)

· Quattro Pro 6.0 (.wb2)

This app uses the LibreOffice license. It can be installed and distributed for free.

B) The file manager module, which provides the following functionality:

- Home directory when you first load the file manager.

- Operations with files: copy, move, create.

- View the file properties: name, size, date.

- Light and Elegant client UI.

- Preview support.


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