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A Charmander Heating Cell

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This is the solution to the problems of climate change in the Pokeworld! A Charmander-Cell! This economical and ecological product, is a closed steel box which contains three Charmanders.
The Charmanders can not move in their small boxes, when they are fully grown after some months. So there is no noise pollution. You will never have to open the cell, except to replace Charmanders, that accidentally died, or were doused, to keep the cell cold over the summer months.

A Charmanders tail flame can produce up to 1200 C depending on the Charmanders health. This cell uses this concept, by feeding the Charmanders an exact amount of organic waste, to keep their health at the level you desire. If you need much heat, the cell will feed all Charmanders with a high amount of biological waste. If you only need a little heat, only one Charmander will get food. The other Charmanders are only kept alive with a minimal amount of food. If you need to cool down your room instantly, you can use a special button at the device to weaken the Charmanders by activating little showers in their cells. The water will drastically reduce their status of health and their flames will get smaller.

It is recommended, to douse all Charmanders for the summer time, since it is cheaper to buy new Charmanders, than keeping them alive over the summer months.

1. Can I turn off the cell instantly if needed?
Yes! Just press the button at the device, and all Charmanders will be doused with water.

2. What waste can be used to feed the Charmanders?
Generally Charmanders love any type of organic waste. This was documented by a scientist, who watched abandoned Charmanders in the city. They searched for food in the trash cans. This means Charmanders like to eat organic waste.

3. Do the Charmanders feel bad in their cells?
No! Charmanders naturally prefer dark caves to life.

4. My Charmanders are whining / crying. What can I do?
Activate the showers to weaken the Charmanders. A Charmanders that is close to death will only whimper quietly.

This artwork does not critizise the way we treat animals in any way. It is just another stupid picture, featuring dying Pokemons, who are loved by everyone.
Charmander belongs to Pokemon of Nintendo and Gamesfreak and is a trademark

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