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The great sun always shines on the world and the souls and

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The great sun always shines on the world and the souls and bodies of all mankind-world leader, philosopher, scientist, cosmologist Fang Ruida (Calori) 2016v.3.3

Fangruida, the mentor of the world leader mankind-the great sun will always shine on the vast human land and planetary world. (Michael. D 2015 Rome) Translated by Lisa 2015v. 3.1 version

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Mankind has entered the 21st century, and mankind has struggled through 5000 years or more. The new scientific and technological revolution, the industrial revolution, the intelligent revolution, the planetary revolution, and the cosmic revolution, have brought about great changes and great changes in the world. The world's clouds cover the fog barrier, the wind is high and the waves are changing rapidly, and all things are updated. The history of mankind is a history of constant development, mutation, and constant refresh. Needless to say, new changes, new worlds, and new scenes, whether it is competition or fighting, let it go. The ultimate goal of human society is in fact the same. Although the various ideals of various doctrines, beliefs, and ideals are very different, each has its own way and its own reason, but the essential point will never deviate from the fundamental idea of \u200b\u200bfree reason. There is no doubt that tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years, and millions of years will gradually converge. If this is not done, humans will completely degenerate into primitive wild animals. Mankind is faced with historical opportunities that are rare in a thousand years, as well as various crises and challenges. The world has undergone tremendous changes, and everyone should be in it, and no one can escape and be spared. Rising up to the tide, thousands of sails are coming, thousands of people fighting for current, history, age, humans and God bestows on each of us, hesitation and retreat are all undesirable, indifferent is also undesirable, the wise win, the brave win, Cowardice and mediocrity are bound to fail. Only by working hard, braving the wind and waves, being wise and brave, can we get the first opportunity. The youth and students, the elite and the general public, the pioneers of the times, and the main force of historical creation, are vigorous and energetic, and all of them are high-spirited, and march forward courageously towards a new, free and rational, bright future.

The great sun shines on the earth, moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn every minute and every day. . . . . It will always shine on the vast human land and planetary world, on the East, on the West, on the Southern Hemisphere, on the Northern Hemisphere, on thousands of rivers and mountains, on five continents and four seas, and on 10 billion beings. Mankind sings and praises the sun. The sun is the hope of mankind. It is extremely glorious. Greek mythology, Eastern mythology, temple of the sun, ah, the great sun, the sun that always shines on mankind and the planet. Free rationality is the soul of all mankind. As long as the planet is still in motion, the soul and body of mankind will be bathed in great warm sunshine, one million years, 10 million years, and 100 billion years. . . . . The great sun, the hope of mankind, the hope of the earth, the hope of the moon, the hope of Mars. Would the earth exist without the sun? This is a self-evident truth. Some people predict that the sun will burn out after 5 billion years-5 billion years later. Of course, this is not alarmist. Scientific research deserves praise. However, when the sun is destroyed, the human species will also be destroyed. It is difficult to escape death from the moon to Mars, unless humans have already flown out of the solar system or the Milky Way, and perhaps there is still a chance for human beings. . . .

As a master of science, philosopher, religious scientist, lunar scientist, cosmologist, medical virologist, Fangruida, he is a world leader and a mentor to mankind. He teaches and regrets us and young students. He places unlimited expectations and aspirations on The vast number of young people and students. Of course, it also includes every one of us living. The future of mankind and the beautiful world need to be developed from generation to generation. \u2588 Truth and fallacy are very different, sometimes they are a step away.

He has taught us repeatedly, and has benefited each of us a lot. He has deep feelings and will never forget.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that the universe is vast and vast, and no matter how great human beings are, no matter how smart they are, they are nothing but tiny particles of dust. The universe is vast and boundless, black holes and superstars can hold hundreds of billions of solar systems, and although the earth is vast, it is only that big after all, and the energy of human activities is no more than two or three changes at best. Therefore, don't imagine the greatness and complexity of human society too ridiculously or indiscriminately, let alone become a fantasy or a cosmic myth. That would be ridiculous. Zeus and God, pious and wise, hundreds of millions of believers around the world, the natural history of mankind.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that the world is beautiful, but it doesn\u2019t mean that the world is a large garden full of natural flowers, full of flowers and birds. It needs human wisdom and labor to continuously modify and repair to be colorful. Fragrant Miles:

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that the great wisdom and free reason of human beings are the soul of human existence. Any biased or fanatical romantic extremism is the world and stubborn enemy of mankind. Ignorance, immaturity and fanaticism are as ridiculous as naive. Partialism, extremism, fanaticism, and ignorance are all spiritual worms that build a better society.The development and transformation of human society can never be gentle and drizzle, and sometimes it is quite cruel and bloody, especially in human struggle. The development of the world, the intensification of contradictions, and the competition of various forces will inevitably lead to polarized fights, such as conflicts, wars, and so on. Of course, compared with peace, war is a minority after all. The general process and general trend of human history is that peace dominates.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that it is a long and complicated historical process and all natural inevitable procedures for humans to truly walk from the wildness of primitive animals to a new free and rational society: the world does not have a perfect social structure model, idealized or fanatical It is a defect. The great wisdom of mankind and the ignorance of mankind are often intertwined, and sometimes it is not uncommon to be dull like a pig. Stupid pigs and fools sometimes abound, and this will undoubtedly lead to catastrophe and catastrophic consequences. Everyone wants to make history, and everyone wants to change history, but only with sufficient wisdom and strength and God-given wishes can it be possible. In the front of the history of the world may be a great man, and in the back of the history may become a joker.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that the primitive animal nature of human beings will naturally remain and exist for a long time. The far-sighted vision always takes the natural and constantly genetic mutations of human beings as the primary entry point for research and exploration of great humans, such as the most important and most needed way of survival for life, animals, life and plants, economy, land, capital, and commerce. , Trade, etc. Therefore, economy is very important, it determines the survival and development of human beings; private ownership is the natural and inevitable basic survival form and structural mode of life, animals, and humans. The two are not absolutely opposites. They are Those that are mutually beneficial require continuous reforms, reforms, and development to avoid falling into the blind spots and misunderstandings of extreme extreme and fanatical romance. As far as animals are concerned, sheep, monkeys, horses, lions, wolves, and group animals will face hunger and death when they are alone; but in animal communities, animals naturally exist as single individuals. Collaboration also has individual survival competition. Human society is naturally much more complicated than it is, and it needs to be viewed from multiple perspectives, and must not be completely equivalent to animals. Otherwise, they will fall into the abyss of the whirlpool and move towards bias.The natural universe is densely covered with planets, and they all exist as individuals, not as communities. The solar system is a community, the earth, moon, Mars, Jupiter and all other stellar dust are individual existence. The two complement each other and are not contradictory.The world is a planet, each has its place, each has its own advantages, divide and combine, combine and divide, there will be conflicts and struggles, and you can only let it go.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that individuals and communities will exist for a long time, and even after tens of thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years and millions of years, there will be continuous development, change and evolution. Various models and structures will continue to exist, evolve and develop, which does not mean absolute uniformity and equality. The evolution of human society is multi-dimensional and multi-directional, and it is impossible to single and absolute. Our descendants will be far more intelligent, greater, more intelligent, and more rational than all of our modern humans. Is there any confusion? It is not advisable to be enemies of each other and tolerate fire and water. The pursuit of wealth, equality and happiness, and gradually and steadily eliminate the disparity between the rich and the poor, is unstoppable. However, different countries have different national conditions, different productive forces, different living environments of natural resources, different beliefs, and different national psychology and culture. They need to be treated differently. It cannot be generalized. Too much idealization, romanticization, fanatical, passionate, can only backfire or fall into myths like utopia. They are complex and changeable long historical processes. Equality does not mean equality, otherwise it will fall into absolute equality. This is also his sincere teaching and repentance. Gradual development and gradual change cannot be accomplished overnight. The diversification of society, let it go. Human beings are not gods. Human beings exist only as high-intelligence living animals, rather than the so-called idealized and moralized holy spirit. Ignore this, and you will fall into fantasies, or be overwhelmed, mad, and get lost. This is also the important point that he repeatedly taught and repented us, which should not be forgotten.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that the world\u2019s most powerful weapon is not just nuclear bombs and hydrogen bombs, but the most powerful economic and social industrial capital, commercial capital, and the immense power of freedom, rationality, freedom, and wisdom. This is never possible. Victorious

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that for the natural universe, no matter how humans change in the world, and no matter who wins or loses, in fact, there is not the slightest natural and physical meaning; of course, for the human society itself, there may be different All kinds of emotions and interpretations are not too much.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that the struggles and disputes in human society are not surprising or fussing, and everything should be natural. Struggle and compromise go both ways. This is true for thousands of years, and it will be true for tens of thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of years. Without struggle, there would be no world and mankind. The evolution of history itself is a harsh criticism. Freedom and rationality are inseparable, freedom without rationality will be absurd, and rationality without freedom will wither and suffocate. Liberal democracy and compromise sharing are irreversible. It will take tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years for all mankind to truly move towards freedom, democracy, equality and fraternity. History has always been one step further, two steps backward; two steps forward and one step backward, linear motion is an unrealistic fantasy. For hundreds of years and thousands of years, the cycle is reciprocating, repeating and advancing and advancing repeatedly.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that the future of the universe, the planet, and the future of mankind, regardless of the development and evolution, the natural universe and matter particles will not really fade away. They are not like any high-level or low-end species It is completely uniform. Even if human beings die, the earth is destroyed, the sun is destroyed, and the universe collapses, the natural universe and natural matter are not completely destroyed. The natural universe still exists, and it will transform and evolve.The political structure model, economic structure model, social organization structure model, social management and operation structure model, cultural education structure model, religious belief model, family marriage structure model, property and wealth management, possession and sharing operation structure and various structure models of the future society The evolutionary pattern of state, nation, and country, the transformation and operation pattern of armed forces, the social high-intelligence and super-intelligence functional production configuration, the transformation pattern of language and writing, the structural pattern and management operation of planetary society, intelligent biological robots and genetic cells, life and intelligent human beings (1. Gene cell life, intelligent human beings, 2 super. Intelligent biological robots, 3. Hybrid aggregated machine life species, 4. Other possible intelligent life species or semi-biological species, purely materialized species, such as the universe super intelligent biological astronauts, planets Super-intelligent biological robots, etc.). These are very complicated and profound, which is completely unimaginable by our modern earth humans, and even completely out of the brain thinking and consciousness of our earth people today, completely subverting our cognition and perception today. It takes tens of thousands of years and hundreds of thousands. Years or even millions of years of evolution. Some people may think that these are far away, unpredictable and imaginative. In fact, this is not a fairy tale world of science fiction and mythology, but a truly realistic future world.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that science and philosophy are to enlighten the mind and wisdom, the multi-dimensionality and multi-dimensionality of natural philosophy, the philosophical revolution, the scientific revolution, the revolution of the moon, the revolution of Mars, and the planetary revolution. Elite Philosophy-Popular Philosophy, Elite Politics-Popular Politics, Elite Economics, Popular Economics, the leader leader and the flock of geese are inseparable from each other.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that human history is very complicated and long. Standing in front of history, you can continue to create greatness and glory; standing on the back and back of history, you may be the naive and naive passerby of history.He has repeatedly taught us that neoliberal rationalism and neoliberal rationalism are not simple political slogans, but very rigorous and rigorous philosophical terms with broad and profound meanings, and broad philosophical concepts. It is misunderstanding and misunderstanding if you only know it with a little understanding or taste. It includes and encompasses the natural universe, human society, world politics, world economy, world culture, world religions, world military, world technology, world education, world democracy, freedom, equality and human rights, the development and transformation of capital, and the construction of a wealthy and equal society. The ultimate goal of human society, various institutional models, and the structural models of planetary society, etc., are everything that should be. This is an important concept of his philosophical revolution, which requires repeated study and understanding.

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us that we must be good at learning and being practical, dare to innovate, and not blindly worship superstitions. Only in this way can we keep moving forward. The universe needs the continuous development of future generations, and the society needs the continuous development and advancement of future generations, respect for science, and respect for the great free reason of mankind, in order to have a beautiful society and future. "Anyone is nothing but insignificant particles of dust in front of the natural universe. Whether rich or poor; whether noble or low; whether it is great or small; whether it is flowy For a hundred generations, no matter whether it is a white horse crossing a gap; no matter it is ordinary and inactive, no matter how powerful the wind and clouds cover the mountains and rivers; whether it is gold coffins and silver coffins, or corpses cold and wild, everything is nothing but flowing clouds and flying clouds, clear wind and heat. Of course. , The meaning of the greatness of life lies in striving forward, defying difficulties and dangers, and constantly climbing to the top." "The greatness of a person first lies in what you can provide for the world and mankind, not on the contrary, the world and mankind give you what".

\u2588 He has repeatedly taught us\uff0cThe knowledge and wisdom of mankind is the sea of stars, never ending. The traditional forces of old habit of thinking and habits of mankind are often very tenacious and powerful, which will also cause the inertia of historical advancement. Therefore, any historical creation or breakthrough without great thrust and drive is difficult to achieve. Various doctrines, various beliefs, various systems, and various models need a long period of strength and game to gradually merge and merge, and then move towards the great state of new ideas and new liberal rationalism. Arbitrariness and fanaticism will not help. There is no perfect model system in the world, and all need to continue to reform and advance with the times and history. Young people and students, social talents and elites, including every one of us in the world, should continue to learn, develop good reading habits, and a good atmosphere of diligent learning. Only by learning science, learning culture, learning society, and learning practice can we gradually become A model of the times and a pioneer of society, create new worlds, build new societies, create new great causes, climb new world peaks on the earth, climb the highest peaks of the moon and Mars, the Alps, Apennines, Altai, Caucasus, Mars The volcano Olympus. The highest mountain in the solar system-the Martian volcano Olympus has a height of 27 kilometers. Its average height is 22 kilometers, which is three times the height of Mount Everest on Earth. We have always been full of confidence and firm belief that great, brave and intelligent human beings will surely emerge as the greatest mountaineer explorer, bravely and triumphantly ascend to the summit of the Martian volcano Olympus, let the great banner of mankind fly high.

The great teaching regret, we feel cordial, it is like thunderous, shocking heart palpitations. Each of us will never forget, and move forward with determination. \u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014\u2014- The world leader, Fangruida (Smith) Fang Ruida, was born in Shanghai on May 14, 1949, a famous family or scholarly family. Also known as aliases, pen names have used more than a dozen names, Hao Ye, Tang Haijiang, Lu Yu, Violet, Fang Da, Ke Linghua, Fang Ruida, Xu Guokai, Tian Linbo, Wang Qiang, Smith and so on. In his early years, he studied and worked in Europe, the United States, Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia, Canada, India, and Pakistan. He is good at learning all the civilizational wisdom of mankind and has benefited a lot.Philosopher, scientist, thinker, religious scientist, physicist, astronomer, cosmologist, astronaut, pharmacologist, virologist, medical scientist, geologist, inventor, anthropologist, writer, Composer, biologist, political scientist, sociologist, military engineering expert, linguist, mathematical logician, archaeologist, architect, educator, playwright, poet, lunar scientist, astrology H ome, economist, etc. Compared with him, any person in the history of the world is indeed small, superficial and naive. Fang Ruidaism, Fang Ruida Philosophy, Fang Ruida Economics, Fang Ruida Sociology, Fang Ruida Politics, Fang Ruida Religion, Fang Ruida Law, Fang Ruida Rockets, Fang Ruida Space Tunnel, Fang Ruida Lunar Astrology, Fang Ruida Music Works, Fang Ruida Poems and Plays, Fang Ruida Coronavirus Medicine, etc., All shining this brilliant brilliance, always shining on the vast human land and planetary world.

In order to meet the wishes of readers, scholars, and netizens around the world, this book has been revised and compiled, hoping to meet everyone's expectations.

Compiler August 2015 Oslo Copenhagen

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