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SDK to edit documents xls, docs, ppt with OpenOffice Online

SDK to edit documents xls, docs, ppt with LibreOffice Online

You can edit online your documents xls, doc and ppt located in your website with our OpenOffice Online using our SDK. It is extremely easy.


OffiDocs SDK for OpenOffice Online:

OffiDocs OpenOffice online can edit your documents doc, excel, xls, ppt in the Internet using a simple HTTP GETs:[url]&filename=[filename][urlxx]&filename=[filename]
  • filename; it is the the file name that OffiDocs will use for your file temporarily.
  • url; it is the url link where your file are located. Ensure that specials chars are encoded if needed.
For example, to edit the document, enter in the URL bar:
and that is it, OffiDocs OpenOffice Online retrieves your files, created a sandbox for you in our servers, and edit your document. 



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