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Run the Chrome online web store extension Redmine Timer using OffiDocs Chromium online.

Adds a customize-able list of projects so you can easily start/stop timing your work.

Uses the standard Redmine time tracking features.

This tool gives you a few handy features to help track time in Redmine.

*A button in your browser to start/stop time tracking* If you're on a Redmine issue page when you start tracking, it tracks time for the issue.

If you're inside a project page (but not inside an issue), it tracks time to the project.

You can also use a keyboard shortcut (Alt + R) to start/stop timing.

*A page full of your projects* Some people don't always work on Redmine issues (like account managers) -- they need an easy way to jump from project to project and track time.

Right-click anywhere on any page and choose "Show Redmine Timer Buttons" from the context menu.

When you open the list, you'll see a touch-friendly list of those projects.

I move this window onto my laptop screen (as opposed to my main external monitor) so I can simply touch the one I want to time.

*Bugs* Instead of leaving a bad review, which will crush my soul, please add bug reports here: https://bitbucket.


*Notes* My company uses this extension and it hasn't set anything on fire yet.

That said, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY expressed nor implied.

Use at your own risk.

Don't call me if it somehow doesn't work, deletes all of Redmine, terrorizes your cat, etc.

*Additional Credits* Icons made by Freepik from http://www.



Licensed by CC BY 3.0 http://www.


com/authors/freepik Hosted Redmine used for testing outside my private environment: http://www.



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- Offered by fuzzymazoid
- Average rating : 5 stars (loved it)

Redmine Timer web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online