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Crisp is a new and exciting way to experience the Chinese Web, making it simple, accessible and most of all - Colourful.

In one click, Crisp colours each word and character according to its tones and grants the user control over the page’s content and appearance.

Users of Crisp can easily define their own colours, play with the page's word-margin, and better understand the topic of each page.

It is free, open-source, supports both Simplified and Traditional characters and integrates seamlessly with Google Docs and Zhongwen Dictionary.

BASIC FEATURES - Colour Characters by their tones - Adjust the word-margin and font-size - Extract word-frequency from each page EXTRAS - Allows you to customize each tone’s colours to fit your own preferences - Extremely fast word identification and page modification - Colours each character according to its word-value - Allows viewing content in a playground environment, separate from the page - Customizable page selectors - colour only the parts you want - Supports both traditional and simplified characters - Includes a recent version of CEDICT - the most popular Chinese-English dictionary - Integrates well into Google Docs environment HOW-TO & FAQ Colour Content After the page finished loading, the page's content can be easily manipulated with one mouse-click on Crisp's browser icon.

The page's accessible content will be immediately analyzed and coloured according to the pre-defined tone codes.

Adjust Tone Colours and Word-Margin the 'Options' page can be reached via right-clicking Crisp's browser icon and selecting 'Options'.

In the options page, the user can easily change the colour of each tone.

Via the options page it is also possible to adjust the default word-margin, though it is not normally recommended.

Please note that any previously opened tab should be refreshed before the new settings can be applied.

Restore Default Settings default settings can be easily restored via the 'default settings' button on the 'Options' page.

Please note that any previously opened tab should be refreshed before the new settings can be applied.

Adjust Affected Content Parts Via the options page, it is also possible to set which of the page's elements should be affected upon pressing Crisp's browser icon.

The default active elements are Headlines, Links, Texts and Tables.

For pages where texts are not wrapped by dedicated elements, it is also possible to activate 'whole-page' analysis or free-form analysis (which addresses text in div elements).

Performing whole-page and free-form analysis can sometimes cause the page's functionality to break, and thus not activated by default.

Please note that any previously opened tab should be refreshed before the new settings can be applied.

Inspect Text in the Toy-Box Widget By selecting text inside the page and pressing right-click, it is possible to colour and analyze only certain parts of the page in a special Toy-Box, which should appear at the top-right corner of the page.

Extract Word Frequency and Adjust tab's Word-Margin The toy-box can also be reached by right-clicking Crisp's browser-icon and pressing the 'Toy-Box' option.

After performing the page analysis (by pressing the browser-icon, as described above), the tab's word-margin and font-size can be adjusted and the most-frequent words can be viewed via the Toy-Box widget.

Words in the word-frequency section can be easily copied to clipboard by clicking them once.

Disable Colours and other Features Some features, such as the colours themselves and marking the words on-hover, can be disabled from the options page.

By simply unchecking their relevant checkbox, it's possible to disable these 2 features.

In addition, each tab's colors can be dynamically toggled on/off by right-clicking Crisp's icon-browser and selecting 'Toggle Colors'.

VERSIONS V1.0.0.0 - Known Issues: (1) pages can only be analyzed on tabs of the main browser window.

(2) pressing the browser-icon while on pagination is loading can break the page's behavior.

(3) elements structured using deeply-inherited table-cell display might suffer some issues.

This issue is handled only to a certain extant, in order to avoid degrading performance level.

(4) word tokenization is a learning-process and is scheduled to be further addressed in later versions.

(5) objects structure and name-spacing needs to be refactored in several parts of the extension to improve readability and scalability.

(6) iframe content is currently not analysed.

CONTRIBUTE Crisp is still in its early stages and aims to evolve with time.

For any colourful suggestion (pun intended), crazy idea or annoying bug you may stumble upon, please let us know at crisp.



Additional Information:

- Offered by Crisp
- Average rating : 5 stars (loved it)
- Developer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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