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DOE Rankings in Chrome with OffiDocs

DOE Rankings  screen for extension Chrome web store in OffiDocs Chromium

DOE Rankings Chrome web store extension



Run the Chrome online web store extension DOE Rankings using OffiDocs Chromium online.

This extension will help you identify and snipe the rarest Dogs of Elon NFTs available on the OpenSea website.

By clearly displaying the Official Dogs of Elon rarity ranking of each individual NFT you are able to tell exactly where a particular dog is ranked and thus recognize a great deal quicker than anyone else! The rarity rank is clearly displayed right on top of the item card on the OpenSea marketplace.

The ranks are color-coded into five categories based on rarity for quick identification purposes.

The five categories are: Exotic (rank 1-2000) Legendary (rank 2001-4000) Rare (rank 4001-6000) Uncommon (rank 6001-8000) Common (rank 8001 -10000) These ranking levels are completely customizable within the extension.

FAQ: Is it free? To access this plugin you will need to hold 5000 DOE tokens.

Once you have verified that you hold the required amount of DOE the extension is 100% free.

No initial cost, no monthly cost.

FREE Is it safe? 100% Safe.

This extension was developed in-house entirely by the Core Dogs of Elon team member @S0N_0F_BISCUIT It contains no malicious code of any kind.

Google has an extremely thorough process to publish extensions on their web store.

All code involved in this extension has been vetted and approved by google to be 100% free from any type of malicious code.

How do I verify my DOE tokens? Once installed and opened for the first time a QR code will appear.

Scan the QR code with your wallet app on your phone (Metamask, Trust wallet etc) Agree to the connection via your wallet app.

The extension will verify that you own the 5000 DOE tokens required to use this app.

The extension will only be able to view your wallet and its transactions the same way that anyone is able to view your wallet or transactions on etherscan.

It will not have any access to nor will it be able to transfer or move any funds.

What if my DOE tokens are staked? No worries.

As long as you are using the wallet from which you staked your DOE tokens the extension will be able to tell if you are over the 5000 Token holder requirement via your wallets transaction history.

By the way, fantastic choice to stake your tokens! 60%+ APR is no joke! Any further questions? Feel free to ask in our Official Telegram channel https://t.

me/DOEOfficial Visit our NFT explorer for a searchable Dogs of Elon NFT database at https://explorer.


io/ Join our Discord server, where you can get help from our community members and admins: http://discord.

gg/dogsofelon Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates about collections indexed: https://twitter.


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DOE Rankings web extension integrated with the OffiDocs Chromium online

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