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Blinken online educational game

blinken online educational game online

You can play this educational app Blinken Online designed for children and adults, teachers and students. Click in the following button to start the game and enjoy with our app: 



This Blinken is the KDE app with the same name so it inherits of all its features.


Blinken Online description:

Blinken is based on an electronic game released in 1978, which challenges players to remember sequences of increasing length. On the face of the device, there are 4 different color buttons, each one with their own distinctive sound. These buttons light up randomly, creating the sequence that the player must then recall. If the player is successful in remembering the sequence of lights in the correct order, he advances to the next stage, where an identical sequence with one extra step is presented. If the player makes a mistake, the game is lost, and the player must start again from the beginning. The goal is to get a high score - each step in the sequence is worth one point, so correct entry of a sequence of 8 lights is worth 8 points on the high score table.

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