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You can create and edit general purpose parametric 3D models with our app Blender FreeCAD Online. Click in the following button to create or edit 3D CAD models: 



This is Blender FreeCAD, a parametric 3D modeler open source made to design objects of any size.


Blender FreeCAD features:


- Complete CASCADE Technology providing 3D operations on complex shape types, and supporting techniques like brep, nurbs curves and surfaces, a wide range of geometric entities, boolean operations and fillets, and built-in support of STEP and IGES formats

- Parametric model so that object are based on properties or even depend on other objects.

- Modifications are recalculated on demand.

- Modular architecture with multiple plugins.

- Import/export using the formats IFC , OBJ, IGES, STL, DXF, SVG, STEP, STL, DAE OFF, NASTRAN, VRML in addition to Blender FreeCAD's native Fcstd file format.

- A Sketcher with constraint-solver to draw 2D shapes.

- Robot simulation module that provides ways to analyse robot movements.

- Drawing sheets module that permit to put 2D views of your 3D models on a sheet.

- A Rendering module to export 3D objects for rendering with external applications.

- BIM-like workflow, with IFC compatibility. 

- Graphical creation of planar geometry like wires, lines, rectangles, circles  or arcs in any plane of the 3D space.

- Modeling with straight or revolution extrusions, fillets and sections.

- Topological components like edges, vertices, wires and planes.


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