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Artha English Thesaurus dictionary

Artha English Thesaurus dictionary software

Our English dictionary online provided by our cloud solution, Artha English Thesaurus. Click in the following button to use Artha online: 



This is Artha online, which is an English Thesaurus based on WordNet. Wordnet is a big lexical database of the English language that was implemented at the Princeton University.


Artha online main features

- It is based on WordNet.

- Regular expressions based search using wildcards.

- History of all the search terms carried out.

- Previous and Next buttons to easily navigate through all the searches

- Spelling suggestions

- For each word searched Arthas include the following:

  • Synonyms,
  • Similar Terms,
  • Domain Terms,
  • Antonyms,
  • Derivatives,
  • Pertainyms (related noun/verb),
  • Attributes,
  • Entails (what a verb entails doing),
  • Causes (what a verb causes to),
  • Hypernyms (is a kind of),
  • Hyponyms (kinds),
  • Holonyms (is a part of)
  • Meronyms (parts)

Further instructions can be found at

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