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OffiDocs has updated the LibreOffice online version to the latest one, which is the framework that supports a lot of OffiDocs applications. The new one that we do use is LibreOffice online It means that we have incorportated a lot of enhancements for our users. The most important are:

General enhancements

  • Responsive design of the document iframe.
  • Render all the glyphs in the character dialog on the server.
  • Notify the clients about server non-availability and recycling after that.
  • Improve performance by avoiding compression of PNG compression of un-changed tiles, and by avoiding sending PNG's that are already at the client side
  • New Insert Special Characters dialog.
  • New file types that can be edited were added or improved, including PDF and HTML
  • Find & replace dialog
  • Automatic detection of links in the comments.
  • Spell checking support in all Writer, Calc and Impress
  • Status bar indicates the current language.
  • Improved key and mouse events handling in order to avoid possible freezes.

LibreOffice Writer enhancements

  • Native comment rendering, with animations.
  • Optional rendering of non-printing characters.
  • Change-tracking.
  • Following dialogs enriching user's editing experience:
    • Find & Replace
    • Edit Style
    • Hyperlink Dialog
    • Special Character Dialog
    • Index Entry
    • Character
    • Paragraph
    • Bullets & Numbering
    • Table properties dialog
    • Spelling & Grammar dialog
    • Word Count dialog
    • Change tracking management
    • Insert header and footer
    • Column formatting

LibreOffice online by OffiDocs


LibreOffice Calc enhancements:

  • Increased amount of rows available in the Online Calc to 10.000.
  • Basic editing of charts.
  • Various dialogs were exposed :
    • Ability to add autofilter
    • Ability to filter items via autofilter popup
    • Format Cell Dialog is available
    • Sorting functionality
    • Support for hidden tabs in Calc
    • Support for chart data series editing
    • Data validation

LibreOffice online by OffiDocs


LibreOffice Impress enhancements:

  • The following object and shape dialogs are added:
    • Position & Size.
    • Line dialog.
    • Area dialog.

LibreOffice online by OffiDocs


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